Enter: The Third Eye

by John Skywalker

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Saturated with thought provoking metaphors, philosophical quips, clever wordplay, emotional and melodic expressions, and a stylish cadence, "Enter: The Third Eye" emerges from the Skywalker Universe to promotes a fresh perspective in artistic expression. Intelligent prose laced between smooth, soulful, and head-nodding tunes, this compilation is purposed in serving subjects of love, awareness, spirituality, triumph, and growth to an open minded and positively charged audience.


released January 1, 2011

Executive Producer: John Skywalker

Producers: Cedric Simon @ FrozenJazz Productions
Andrew Caminiti @ Audiplex Instrumentals
DJ JB @ JB Beats
Best Kept Secret @ Flawless Tracks Productions
Dancing Fantasy
Q-Mystik @ Q-Mystik Productions
M-Simp & Sharp Sounds @ StompBoxx Music Productions

Album Artwork: Colin Jenkins

Mixing and Mastering: Frank Azzaro, Side 3 Studios, and Black Dog Mastering Studio




John Skywalker Moultrie, Georgia

John Skywalker holds a variety of titles: Lyricist, Musician, Artist, Pacifist, Philosopher, Creative Writer, Logistician, Intellectual, Poet, Chiromancer (Palmist), War Veteran, and many other forms of beingness. John is an undiscovered gem that follows an inward path; he seeks conscious and spiritual revolution for himself, and exists to inspire others to do the same. ... more

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Track Name: John Skywalker feat. Da Clay - Enough feat. Da Clay
Situations get old, and this one is past tense//
That’s it, I’m not tense, I’m past it//
I’m mad, Matter than Solids, Liquids and Gases//
I’m never losing mind, I’m past its absence//
I’m never one to be broke, but I’m down to my last sense//
They keep on pushing me, I’m like forget your advancements//
They’re topping me, Monopoly aint giving me Chances//
To breathe, to succeed, cuz they just want me to bleed//
If pain, is a crime, look at my life For Evidence//
If life, is so clear, why is my life Forever-Dense//
To these people that are narrow minded, I’m Blinded//
I’m looking for the love between us, I can’t even find it//
Why?…….Its like the more that I do//
They want more, but I aint got it so what more can I do?//
I’m not helpless, this is Marriage this more than “I Do”//
Save ya money, I’ll save a life, cuz I’m more than a Jew//

They want more (more), but I don’t//
It is never enough, and I know//
That the more that you try (try), the more that you give// (give)
It is never enough (enough)//
They want more (more), but I don’t//
It is never enough, and I know//
That the more that you try (try), the more that you give// (give)
It is never enough (enough)//

DaClay Verse:


Life-styles of the rich-and-dangerous//
He just got bought Lexus Coupe on 22s to anger us//
To let us know who he is, if not then a stranger must//
Have knowledge of who he is, so he can endanger us//
He owns a crib with a dog, that’s looking after his jewels//
Which almost equal the cost, of 2 Jacuzzis, a pool//
That’s almost long as school, a carpet made outta cash//
Every end of the month, the maid throws it in the trash//
Call it Dirty Money, and he’s Professor X, looking for expansion//
On his crib that looks like the X-Mansion//
When he’s making it rain, looks like a thunderstorm//
But he’s getting it back, precipitation be warned//
Cuz he’s hot, and he’s rich, and yet his people are not//
Will he ev-er get caught?, heck no, his people are cops//
Burn cash to ashes, till your body is dust//
But what’s a soul with no Body to trust?//

Track Name: Love Matters
I’m the type to wear my heart on my sleeve//
But with a tank top on, it’s hard to believe//
Kinda retarded, I’m walking ‘round here//
No heart, no sleeves, so I’m starting to Freeze//
Like a Criminal Stopping for Police//
So I’m Shaking in my Tims like I got Parkinson’s disease//
Hard Headed, like Wolverine’s Cranium//
But, I Don’t Play like Guitars without Strings//
The love that I had just departed from me//
I’m Hank McCoy, everybody’s calling me a Beast//
…Cuz I’m different, and I think a lot//
I don’t party, have sex, don’t drink a lot//
They say life is short, well that depends on the measurement//
And who’s measuring//
They say tomorrow aint promised but forever is//
So wear your heart on your sleeve or you’ll never live//

Love matters
Through pain and the disaster//
Love matters//
That’s what everybody’s after//
Love mat-ters, and I don’t know if you’re flat-tered//
Or if you’re torn or you’re tat-tered//
Just keep in mind that love matters

They say home is where the heart is//
I guess your homeless, if you’re heartless//
But… what if your heart is//
200,000 times bigger than Apartments?//
Would you give a little room for a stranger in need?//
Or would you leave em outside with the garbage?//
I know we’re not the same but name ain’t Lil Wayne//
So I’m not gonna say that I’m Martian//
But we can still Kick it like a Martial Artist//
…Regardless of the brand name of your garments//
………….And even if you were a Shark//
I would still have your Back like a Shark Fin//
And……We aint gotta take sips at the bar//
We aint gotta Get Lit like a Cigar is//
To show love, if home is where the heart is//
Then hospitality, is a joke to the heartless//


….Love don’t Cost a thing, you can get it for Free//
No Charge like a Neutron//
And then we’ll develop a bond as our story Unfolds like a Futon//
We need love cuz we’re living in Vain like Blood Clots//
In rough spots similar to dust crops//
I’m an Artery, I Flow the Heart//
If I don’t then the blood stops//
So, be cognitive of all things opposite//
Of love, B Positive//
Like Blood Types….stay warm as sunlight//
And love life//

Track Name: John Skywalker feat. S.Dot - The First Move feat. S.Dot
You just caught my eye, I really wanna talk to you//
But I am way too shy to even walk up to you//
I just, I just wanna touch, until I make you blush//
But I don’t wanna rush//
I just, want to take my time, before I be the first to move//

I like to, hold hands in public, romance, I love it//
Like it wasn't ever done, like nobody ever does it//
That’s how I do it, I’m willing to prove it//
Saying three words without saying a word//
In front of the world, even if I look foolish//
Even if my homeboys tell me that I’m stupid//
And, I need to wake up and Smell the Flowers//
Therefore, I’m waking up to TuLips, to Kiss//
……Saying that her smile is the cutest//
And I want her Close to my Sole like a Shoe//
And hopefully the Shoe Fits//
Cuz normally her type are the coolest cool kids//
The cruelest, nuisance in Disguise//
You’re my Sunshine, and they’re the Dark Clouds in the Skies//
She made me Slow Down like Yellow Lights//
Hello Life//


Your Body Language is Smooth, just like your Verbal//
I gotta keep my Cool, but you make me Thermal//
I’m Hot, cuz you’re Hot, but it’s Cool, no it’s not//
I’m confused, your amused, I refuse to be caught//
In a mood that I didn't pre-approve in my plans to approach you//
To get you on my Team like a Coach who//
Dreams to be seen on the scene with a Star//
But I’m not trying to use you, I know who you are//
I know what it is, what it do, what it aint, what it can be//
It can be us, it can be lust//
It can be Rushed like a Stampede//
It can be love, if it’s Love then I can’t See//
I heard love is blind but I know now//
There’s the Yellow Light again, I better Slow Down//
There’s the Yellow Light coming outta my Sunshine//
Hello Sunshine//


I can’t wait so I walk my pace, so graceful//
Style is tasteful, smile is faithful//
While my face glows//
I can’t think, cuz she Stay on my Mind like Halos//
Heavenly, readily I step//
Steadily, couldn't say a word so instead I leave//
Whether we were meant to be, we will never see//
I’ma let her be//
Forever, Free as Bird from a Cage//
Like the Ink from a Pen putting Words on a Page//
In Book never Read, I’m enraged//
There’s nothing more I can do, nothing more I can say//
She probably belongs to another guy anyway//
Wouldn't give me the time on any day//
She’d probably refuse me//
Suddenly I stop, to a soft voice saying “excuse me”//

Track Name: Hennessy Love
I gaze inside her Hennessy-Colored Eyes
Only to get Intoxicated
And Discombobulated
I told her: Bottoms Up
And she Assumes the Position
Moving her hips and grooving
Protruding those lips
She’s so Bad
She puts the Convict in Conviction
And that’s what she expresses in her diction
I listen to her Body Language
Hands Up in Handcuffs
Reading her Miranda Rights
While I Come of the Head like Dandruff
With, Sentences that stimulate the Saturation between her Thighs
Which looks as if someone laid on a Pillow and Cried
All Night
I told her: we’re taking a Ride…Downtown
The Criminal Charge:
Driving me so damn Crazy
With those Hennessy Brown Eyes
That earned me a DUI
Her words are like the Wind to the Trees
She’s Blowing my Mind
She is the Bomb
And I am her Suicide Bomber
We have a Blast Together
Knowing that in this present life
Nothing lasts forever
So…we…. Live in the Present like Toys
I Open her and she Opens me
Till we both…. Make…. Noise!
She Plus I Equals Infinity
We are so High!
More Feet Below us than a Centipede
Our love is
Smooth, no Friction, no Static
Just Rub me the right way
And I’ll get Harder than Granite
But, don’t take me for Granted
Cuz I’ll get Soft on you like Pillows
My Tongue is a Physical Lullaby that will put you to Bed
You heard what I said
I’ll put you to Sleep
Especially, if you let me
Put my Submarine in your Wetness
Till you feel it in your Subconscious
Cuz I’m Subterranean Deep
Inside of your Ocean
Till your mind starts Spinning in a Whirlpool Motion
And our bodies are Drenched
By this…Jacuzzi Love
Steaming Hot!
I am her Omega and she is my Alpha
Together we are called Forever
And our love will produce children each one named Ever
And our family will be called
Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever
We are in God and God is in us
There’s not enough money in the world
That can express how much in God we Trust
We are perfectly imperfect
And perfect for each other
Our smiles are miles long
Stretching as far as the Nile River
And strong as a Crocodile’s Teeth when it Grips Meat
She won’t Let Go like Grudges
She Holds me Down like Gravity
I Hold her Up like Crutches
Drinking from the Hennessy Fountain below her waist
Just to get a taste, just to get a sip
As her love drips from my lips
I’m Intoxicated and discombobulated
And it started with those Hennessy-Brown Eyes
That earned me a DUI
But I’m thankful that I’m still alive
To tell you about this Hennessy Love
That leaves your Vision in a Blur
A Blinding Love
I am a Short Glass
And she is my Hennessy
And together we are Served
Not Shaken, not Stirred
No Ice
Just I and Her
Hennessy Love
Track Name: Mr. and Mrs. T.Ruthless
This is a special dedication to the truthless//
I mean, Mr. and Mrs. T. Ruthless//
….And if you know what the truth is//
….Be careful how you use it//

This is a special dedication to the truthless//
I mean, Mr. and Mrs. T. Ruthless//
….And if you know what the truth is//
Be careful how you use it//
Cuz there is nothing wrong with the truth//
But how we use the truth can be wrong//
Is it cliché to say that the truth is reserved for the strong?//
….If so, then reap till you sow//
But I don’t mean Sew like a Seamstress, no//
It’s in our Genes, since Adam and Eve//
That we’re so hard headed, we don’t speak what we know//
We speak what we believe, so we think that we know//
The unknown, but how can you know what you know//
Without any proof, I think you should go//
Seek till you don’t have to think//
The truth is like Water, you just need to find you a Sink//
But it’s Hard to Swallow like Alcoholic Beverages//
We take Shots to the Mouth like it never is//
Shots to the Mouth like Novocain//
Till your mouth gets Numb – Dumb!//
Drink so much, you Throw Up//
And that’s when the truth Comes out like Sun//
After a Night of Fun//
And all of your Memories of truth, you have none//
…..Now you wanna Sober up//
The Drinking Age is 21, and you aint even Old enough//
Old enough to Handle the truth, you feel Sicker//
You pull a Jamie Foxx, and you Blame it On the Liquor//
I mean, on the truth, like you are such a Victim//
Everyone’s a Judge, and God is just a Witness//
And, Life is like a Courtroom//
The Government’s the Jury, but will they Support you?//
Who’s side are they on?//
Your Lawyers are your Friends, but some of them will extort you//
Blow you outta proportion//
In order to get the truth Twisted like Corkscrews//
And Water Down the truth, so it becomes a Rumor//
Easier to Swallow//
But you don’t have to Take It To The Head like a Brain Tumor//
Why so Serious? Have a Sense of Humor//
It’s something like a lie with a little bit of truth//
That means it’s a Mixed Drink with a Little Proof//
Yea, but no matter how it’s Served//
Please, Drink Responsibly, ya heard//
Or lose control over ish you can’t fathom//
Trying to Flex, crying, upset, Shaken Up like a Muscle Spasm//
The truth hurts, it can even kill//
If you ever met the truth, you remember how it feels//
You remember how it looks, even in a dark room//
There’s Beauty in this Beast, but this is not a Cartoon//
It’s immaculate, so accurate//
The truth is On Point like the Tip of a Harpoon//
It’s so real, it’s the pure deal//
You can use it as a weapon or shield//
It’s a double edged sword; be careful how you swing//
Or get Cut, Buddy, like a Sexy Summer Fling//
If I’m lying, I’m flying//
But according to the Flyest of them All, I’m not Fly Enough//
That means they’re High as Hell, but the Sky aint Up//
If the Sky’s the Limit, it’s Suicide to….Jump//
But I would rather be Down to Earth//
You can Bury me Alive, let me Drown in Dirt//
Add some Water and Sunshine//
I Rose from the Dead like Zombies Celebrating Valentines//
As a truth-teller, do you follow, man?//
I’m saying they’re Not Real like a Hologram//
They try to Pose a Threat like Photogenic Terrorists//
But they don’t know what terror is//
This is a special dedication to the truthless//
I mean Mr. and Mrs. T. Ruthless//
….And if you know what the truth is//
….Be careful how you use it//

This is a special dedication to the truthless//
I mean Mr. and Mrs. T. Ruthless//
….And if you know what the truth is//
….Be careful how you use it//
Track Name: I Do the Write Thing
Yea, uh, and if you didn’t know
It’s the S-K-Y-W-A-L-K-E-R, Skywalker baby!
I wanna shout out, to poets and the writers out there
…That understand the power of words

I don’t do the Left Thing, I Do the Right Thing//
I’m a MC, yea I Do the Write Thing//
…Yea, and I don’t know if your heard//
But actions speak louder words//
So I move like water, and leave hell soaking//
My Body Language is Articulate, Well Spoken//
Proper, you can hear it with your eyes//
If you’re blind, it looks like the Holy Spirit in disguise//
Wow, so peep the Dialogue in my right palm//
I could Record it on your cheek - Right on//
…..But I don’t entertain violence//
So, I’m Hold my Right and Remain Silent//
….And not speak about war//
I’ma speak about peace, can we speak about yours?//
…..I let mine flow from within//
My flesh is the pad and my soul is the pen//

Chorus (x2):
I do the Write Thing, I do the Write Thing//
I gotta story to tell, I do the Write Thing//
……….So, write on player//
Write on, player-player, write on//

My flesh is the pad and my soul is the pen//
Peep my Penmanship//
I’m so Literate//
Pay attention, this is Reading Comprehension//
So, if you Read me Wrong, then you’re Illiterate//
….You’re confused about who I am//
….And quite frankly, I don’t give a damn//
….Don’t Judge, be inspired//
I’m Living Poem, God’s my Ghostwriter//
…My soul is the pen, so the Ink doesn't Dry//
Meaning, I don’t die//
….Because I have the Right to Live//
In the Book of Life, you gotta Write to Live//
……So you can live like me and you can write like me//
But not quite like me//
Cuz Identity Theft is a major Crime//
You can Imitate, but don’t Plagiarize//

Chorus (x2):

The right things don’t require an apology//
So, if you do the right things then you oughta be//
Unapologetic - check it//
I Do the Write Thing like a Journalist – heh, respect it//
Get it right, so I don’t have to Correct you//
Everyone makes Mistakes but a select few//
I made a few Errors, but I was Rough Drafting//
To make a True Story with enough passion//
Worth a few accolades that last for days//
So I can give God credit on Half of Page//
Of my story as keeps on moving//
And I learn what’s right in the company of wrongdoings//
....So, here’s a little a commentary//
Do the right thing but don’t criticize the contrary//
…..Everybody is an Open Book//
…..And Planet Earth is a Library//

Chorus (x4):
Track Name: SOL Music
It’s the S-K-Y-W-A-L-K-E-R, Skywalker baby!

Sol Music, Soul Moving like the Trees Blowing//
From a Breeze Flowing Free Overseas//
Go with me, feel the poetry//
It makes a lotta Scents like Potpourri//
Fresh, it’s Aroma Therapy, take a Whiff//
It’s the opposite of popularity - a rarity//
Like Mega in Reverse, it’s A…Gem//
…..It’s a Song, it’s a… Hymn//
…..Like the Opposite of Her//
…..But it’s not Sexist//
Wipe your Tears, it’s Food for the Mourning//
…..But it’s not Breakfast//
It’s the inspiration making you smile for miles, making you groove//
Feeling like you graduated from school//
Complete, it’s sol music//
So let’s move//

Pack Light, cuz Darkness is Heavy//
Pack Light, cuz Darkness is Heavy//
SOL Music for life, it’s nonstop//
We keep on living life, it’s nonstop//
SOL Music for life, it’s nonstop//
We keep on living life, it’s nonstop//

I’m Light as a Photon//
…...Get it? I bring Light like a Photon//
Meaning that I move at the Speed of a Particle//
With no articles//
I’m Amazin’ like I Mispronounced Amazon//
….Cuz my soul is Camouflaged//
Looking like the Known Unknown//
And it’s more Ancient than a Mastodon//
Reverse Gravity, it’s Weightless//
I mean, so Patient//
So Lifted, so Infinite, Unlimited//
Magnificent, Omnipotent//
Yea, I Chill with Flames//
Burn with Icebergs, and never feel the pain//
But no matter the change//
I’m like Noon Spelled Backwards, Still the Same//


It’s Light Music, Bright Music//
It’s Food for the Sol, you can bring ya Appetite to it//
Digest it, Vibe to it//
It’s Elevator Music in a Skyscraper, get High to it//
Get Hi like, it’s the Best Bye that you never had//
….…You can Wave with it if you never have//
Yea...Side to Side to it//
Like you’re Playing Pong, have a Ball//
Bounce to it, Ride to it//
Even if you don’t have Car//
And you, Feel Blue as an Avatar//
…Get Warm from the S-O-L to the A to the R//
…Still Hot without the A&R//
It’s Noncommercial, beyond quasars//
We gon’ stray far//

Track Name: FreeDumb
We need to free our minds//
We really need to free our minds//
We need to free our minds//
We really need to free our minds//

I need, liberty//
In my mind, cuz I’m so blind//
Sweet, liberty//
Inside, inside my mind//

Stupidity is like a Necklace//
Some are so Heavy it could leave a man Neckless//
Ichabod Crane Style, my Mind is Brighter than that Chain that they Wearing//
And I'm Lighter than that Flame in their Brain that they're Bearing//
But they don't get it, they act like they know//
They're Slower than the Coming of the Rapture – Whoa!//
So, maybe one day they gonna Come Around//
The day they Smarten Up, that’s when I’ll Dumb it Down//
……As insane as it sounds//
I can Make it Rain cuz my Brain’s in the Clouds//
Dropping Knowledge when I Brainstorm, do it just because//
Suggest you build an Ark, cuz I’ma make it Flood//
But I will not Drown, nickname me, Noah//
Because I Noah Lot, Noah Little, Noah Way//
To keep my eyes Stuck to the Books like they were Fly Paper//
The Building of Knowledge – call it Skyscraper//


Cuz the fact is//
Many of us had more Backs Turn on Us than a Mattress//
Whoa! Such a Cold World where the Cold Shoulders rule//
Cuz they look so Cool//
Shades on their Face, so their souls can hide//
Cuz the Window to the soul can be found in the Eyes; Don’t Look….Surprised//
Why? Cuz that’s an element of joy//
And if joy is life, some of us would rather die//
They say Freedom aint Free, so what’s the Cost?//
And why is freedom attributed to the lives we lost?//
America’s the Home of the Slaves//
And you might disagree, but this Home is a Grave//
For the Dead Men Walking, moaning and groaning in pain//
Some revolt, some are hoping for Change//
Not Dead Presidents to represent the residents//
Freedom is for Sale, your Oppressors make it evident//


I have the mind of a perfectionist//
A Heart like Goku’s, my Power Level’s Equal to the U.S. Deficit//
…14 Trillion that’s the estimate//
And it’s still Growing, and it Don’t Stop like Run-On Sentences//
I can give 10 Percent//
Of what I got, and it wouldn't feel like I Spent a Cent//
Knowledge is power, power is freedom//
Our minds are enslaved cuz nobody Freed Em//
But if freedom aint free, then what’s the cost?//
Of that Chain called Stupidity that’s often Flossed//
America’s the Home of the Slaves//
And you might disagree, but this Home is a Grave//
For the Ichabod Cranes with the Shades on their Face//
In this Cold World, where Stupidity’s a Chain, and it’s so Icy//
Pricey; I used to be Blinded, but now I See//


We need to free our minds//
We really need to free our minds//
We need to free our minds//
We really need to free our minds//
Track Name: Meditate
Heeey, Heey, Heeey, Heey

I meditate with my eyes closed//
With a divine flow, mind froze, time slows//
Down, to a millisecond, pause//
I feel a second millisecond coming, take a deep breath//
We enter the eye, we enter the nerve//
Of a superb, lyrical nerd//
We enter the mind, which mind? You Entering Mine//
Like a Miner, inside is a glimmering eye//
That shimmers and shines//
So many Flows in my head it feels like a Swimmer’s Inside//
But not like a Dick Head with the Swimmers Inside//
Minds? Battle mine, see the winner is mine//
I’m so wise, clear headed, I’m tranquil, I stand still//
Like a Mannequin, you panicking, I just chill//
Like Buddha, I will be your Mentor//
Intelligence so sharp it leaves Men Tore//
In half, but that’s basic yo//
I face the flow, looking for elevation//
So, I pray with my eyes closed//
With a divine flow, mind froze//

That’s how it is, that’s how it be//
I levitate out of reality//
To free my mind, I meditate//
To elevate, I meditate//
I meditate, I meditate//
I meditate, I meditate//
To free my mind, I meditate//
To elevate, I meditate//

Enjoy the silence, visualize and feel it//
Till your mind is so quiet you leave the world in total Stillness//
…………Like Medusa//
Leaving the world Stone Cold as you see the Future//
Physically I’m here, spiritually, I’m so gone//
Call me a Navy Seal because I’m SO-COM//
And the feeling’s so strong that I float on//
And float on, moving like that old school song, as I prolong//
The feeling, do you believe in magic? That’s what happens when you listen//
To your spirit, it’s a classic, that’s your intuition//
Pay attention when it’s speaking//
And you’ll receive a vision of an image while you’re seeking//
A place where your inner woes flow from the center of your soul//
And you go where the winners go//
Close ya eyes and imagine a place without racism//
Cuz when it comes to the soul there’s no race in them//
Face inward, deep breath, let go//
Of all of your stress, so you can feel restful//
Forget ya problems, enemies, and the rest yo//
Meditation, successful//

Bridge (x2):
When life gets hard don’t hesitate//
Sit back and free your mind//
Free your mind (free your mind)//
Just free your mind//


Heeey, Heey, Heeey, Heey
Track Name: John Skywalker feat. K.D. - I Wanted feat. K.D.
If everyone in the world, could give me what I wanted//
If everyone in the world, could give me what I wanted//
If everyone in the world, could give me what I wanted//
If everyone in the world, could give me what I wanted//

…. I know it feels so good be selfish//
But I do it in turn to be selfless//
Giving what I got, cuz if I got it, I give it, so I can get it//
Cuz how can I give it, if I aint got it? Get it?//
Where do I get it from? I get from God and that’s given//
Get what I’m what I’m saying? It’s gifted//
It’s present, it’s free; I give it away//
And when I give it away, I give it a way to go, lemme send it your way//
They say Love is Life; they say Life’s a Movie//
And I'm the Director of this Movie called Love//
Action – that’s what I need to make the Unseen a Scene//
…..So I can show you that it’s real//
…..Even though it started as a dream//
Unseen to the human eye//
Looking for peace unseen by human eyes, between him, her, you and I//
But does anybody want it?//
I’d show everybody the heaven we always wanted if//


Maybe life wouldn’t be so painful//
But I wonder would I be so thankful//
Cuz what I want aint nothing like what I need//
And some of the things we want ain’t nothing like it seems//
False Dreams//
Smiling Faces, Bad Intentions, everyday is Halloween//
Scary World, Dark Twisted Fantasies//
Trying to have us all Shook like Tambourines//
….Yea it Sounds like Fear to me//
They lower our self esteem with magazines//
And scenes from the TV Screen, the world seems so mean//
But what does it really mean//
To have this, and have that? Cuz I got this, I got that//
But I would I give it all back//
For someone to Have my Back like Angel Wings//
Cuz I need me a friend, I need a release//
I need peace, so if you should know//
I’d gain the whole world, and I’d lose my soul if//

Track Name: John Skywalker feat. S.Dot - Self Discovery feat. S.Dot
You see….your life has three points of interests regarding your direction
….Before….now…and after
….And if you’re like me….
….You’re trying to figure out who you are
…Life is an experiment….test yourself

I’m Book Smart, but I need to remind myself//
That I don’t really need a Dictionary to Define myself//
Help, I really wanna find myself//
I Sold my Soul like: if I were you, I would Buy myself//
And I did it all by myself//
Where did I go? Tell me what did I miss?//
Did I take a wrong turn? Did I fall? Did I trip?//
Over a cliff into a pitfall, did I slip?//
Lemme get back on my feet, even if I have to walk with a limp//
Two legs, two wings, two arms, one mind//
Two horns, two eyes, too blind to see//
Who’s guiding me?//
Everybody’s Finding Nemo, but I wonder who’s Finding me?//
In a Sea full of Sharks, Piranhas, Eels//
The Life a of Fish - I Battle with the Reel//

Whoever I am, gotta find my way//
I’m trying to find me, (I’m trying to find me)//
I’m trying to find me, (I’m trying to find me)//
Under the same light, under the same sun//
Gotta know where I’m going, and where I came from//
I’m trying to find me, (I’m trying to find me)//
I’m trying to find me, (I’m trying to find me)//


I need Magnifying Glass just to Find myself//
My Soul is Camouflaged, did I Hide myself?//
I don’t know if I’m ahead or behind myself//
I’m a GPS, sometimes I Guide myself//
Into trouble, it happens when I Drive myself//
Cuz there’s no other Passengers besides myself//
Maybe it’s the Pride that’s inside myself//
I don’t need a Chauffeur; rather Ride myself//
Till the Wheels Fall Off, and I Fly myself to the Sky//
But if I’m too High, I’ll Melt//
I’m so Bright that I Blind myself//
What a pity, so witty but deprive myself//
Of the Prize inside, I denied myself//
Call me Star Trek, what’s the Inner-Prize? Myself!//
Get it? I Surprise myself//
It’s a blessing when we find our self//


I got, Mental Vision like 1080i, now I see more Clearer//
I couldn't see the Man in the Mirror//
Like a Vampire//
Now my Body’s Warm, I’m Johnny Storm, the Man on Fire//
I asked questions, gotta lotta answers//
Be like me? I don’t really think you CanSir//
Like my Zodiac; I’m living with the stars//
I found myself living on Mars//
Going to the future, that’s where I came from//
I didn't know my father, not till I became one//
Yea, I surpass Satan//
Cuz I Give more Directions than Gas Stations//
….To the lost souls//
Trying to find themselves at the crossroads//
While I’m on a journey, heading back to my home//
Sly talker, Skywalker, I’m Attacking the Clones//
Lets go!

Track Name: Skywalker
It’s John Skywalker…
…Ayo, why be fly? (hehe seriously)
When you can be a Skywalker (what’s that?) like me
(laughs) no, for real, lemme explain

Left foot, right foot//
I’m trying to Step in the name of Love//
Let’s get off on the Right Foot//
Before I get the Steppin, I’ma start Reppin//
I Lace up my Shoes for the Right Look//
Clean, I Write Footnotes to explain my walk//
So I Write Good Quotes//
The Good Quotes are the lessons of my walk//
I come correct, I give the Right Footnotes//
But sometimes my Right Foot is Violent//
So I tell my Right to remain Silent//
Cuz when it starts Kickin//
It’s Fast like Chun Li, it’s Ugly, you will start Flippin//
I be talkin to my Right like “you Trippin”//
“You ain’t Steppin in the name of Love, you Slippin”//
That’s when I Get Back on Track, like a Marathon Runner//
I’m Forever Gone, brother //

I’m a Jedi Knight, a Sly Talker//
The Sky is the Limit and I’m a Skywalker//
I’m a Jedi Knight, a Sly Talker//
The Sky is the Limit and I’m a Skywalker//
I….I….am…am….a…a….Skywalker, baby//
I….I….am…am….a…a….Skywalker, baby//

Yea, I’m always on the move//
You better catch up or you’re always gonna lose//
If you fall, it’s always gonna bruise//
Just stand up, dust off ya shoes//
Keep ya Head over your Heels//
Walk till the day your Head is over the Hills//
Lookin down below from the Heavens above//
As a, Skywalker… Steppin with Love//
200,000 miles and Still Runnin//
I’ma Never-Ending Orgasm – Still Comin//
I’m not trying to Finish First or Finish Fast//
Cuz every chic knows Nice Guys Finish Last!//
But, they want Racers//
They want Speed Demons, not Pacers, so I won’t Chase her//
Because she gets High off of Speed//
But I’ma Skywalker, I get High off me!//

So if you wanna get High just Buy off me//
I can Touch the Sky, get High off Trees//
Like Tarzan//
I’m King of my Jungle//
Gym – yea I’m Sick with the Bars Man//
If you don’t understand my talk//
It’s probably cuz you don’t understand my walk//
You don’t understand my level of grace//
I’m a Skywalker, I’m on a level of space//
That’s too far from the ground that you’re walking on//
If it aint about Heaven, you won’t talk for long//
So you can keep talking…on and on//
Cuz when you fall, you will fall so long//
That you will be Silent//
Tongue of your Shoes is removed, your forced to keep quiet//
You will die in Hell//
If you don’t Watch De-Feet to see why you Fail (Fell)//


Left hand, right hand, look up//
If they ever Push you Down, Push Up//
Left hand, right hand, look up//
If they ever Push you Down, Push Up//
I….I….am…am….a…a….Skywalker, baby//
I….I….am…am….a…a….Skywalker, baby//
Track Name: Song Request
Please just….
Because I hope you will be flattered and amused
When this Chain of Words reaches its last Link
Like a Gravedigger
I Buried my Emotions and Desires
I had a Funeral on the day that I met you
I’ve waited for the day that these Emotional Songs would
Resurrect from the Grave
These are Classics, not Digital MP3 Copies
But alas
I’m a Mute Instrument of Love
Silent as Breath Pant
Inanimate and Lifeless
A Hollow Tube that fears that I might sound like Auto Tune
To your Ears
When I look at you
I see….Sound
No wonder you’re so Vibrant!
If God would’ve named you Sound
I would pray each day that Sound-Waves
Like “Hello, love”
I would pray to be in Tune with you
Alone in a room with you
Love is Blind
And when I’m with you, I’m Blind as a Bat
But I have Echolocation
So I don’t mind if it’s just me and your Echo
Because you’re THAT Attractive
If Sight were Sound
I would Listen to your Melodic Grace until Mimicry
Until we were Parallel Wavelengths
Until we were Rhythmic Symmetry
Until we Composed a Century of Harmonic Chemistry
That would power a Nation’s worth of Electricity
Every home would have Light because of our Energy
If you would just listen to the Beat of my Heart
Feel the Bass, feel its Treble
And understand that this is not just a Song
These aren't just words to woo you
This is me!
Refusing to no longer exist as an Accapella
Saying I love you!!
Asking if we can make music together
Can we Collaborate on this never ending song called
Track Name: The Death Wish
….Do you know what it means//
To be in love?// (Do you really know what it feels like to be in love?)
To be in love?// (Do you really know what it feels like to be in love?)
….Do you know what it means//
To be in love?// (Do you really know what it feels like to be in love?)
To be in love? (Do you really know what it feels like to be in love)
Oh, oh, oh whoa, oh, oh, oh//

This is what it feels like to be in love//
To be in something you don’t know the meaning of//
Yea, you’re a Suicide Jumper//
Falling in Love, just not Deep Enough//
Slow it down, don’t speed it up//
Cuz you don’t wanna Get Played like the Queen of Clubs//
By the Kings and Queens that you see in Clubs//
That Can’t See Themselves with You like they’re Drinking Blood//
….Uh, turn my Speakers Up//
Cuz I’ma love you till Deaf//
I know it’s Hard to Hear, are you Hard of Hearing Love?//
It’s like Viagra, I’ma Keep it Up//
If love is a Drug, we Shooting Up like a 21 Gun Salute//
Till we Hallucinate the lies we be dreaming of//
Uhhhh…this is what it feels like to be in love//


Let’s pretend that his love don’t hurt you//
Keep the Pain Inside, it on a Curfew//
Let’s pretend that it won’t get worse//
And your life is Sweet, each time he Desserts you//
Yum, let’s pretend that you wasn't bleeding//
Blood Streaming like a Youtube Video//
That’s a lot of Hits//
A lot of Shots to the Head, but he said that he wasn't Drinking//
But his Breath made a lot of Scents//
….And of course you believed him//
Love is Blind, Eye Shadow is Vain//
The Make Up Sex can Mascara the pain//
But if you Wipe the Mascara away, you see tragedy//
Crying to yourself “I wish he wasn't mad at me”//
This is the lie we be dreaming of//
Saying “this is what it feels like to be in love”//


Can I live this way forever?//
Where pain is love, and suffering is pleasure//
Love is a Loan, and trust is a Credit Score//
So, “I love you” really means “your indebted”//
….And forgiveness is really vengeance//
It’ll Cost your whole life plus Interest//
In a world where Jealousy is Pillow Talk//
So if you Smother me, it doesn't mean//
You’re Killing me Softly//
It really means loving me to Death//
Even if it means till my Last Breath//
(Breath) is this what it feels like to be in love?//
Cuz I’m Dying to Live, I feel Breathless//
Is this the life we've been dreaming of?//
Cuz it looks like a Death Wish//
Track Name: This Trust
I know you’re there…
And I close you out, emotionally, hoping you’ll care
I’d invite you in, but I know that you’re scared
….To see the truth
And the truth is I believe in you
But I’m scared too

I’m scared that I’ll see the trust// (the trust)
..We’re both scared to believe in us//
But you can’t Spell Trust without “Us”//
You can’t Spell Lust without “Us”//
But, what about love?// (love)
…Cuz I don’t see U and I in it//
Get it?….I see U in my Future//
But, am I in it?//

…..So much confusion//
….Cuz I’m losing the trust in us//
I’m believing our union was just an illusion//
A Hologram//
….I’m Hollow Man with these Hollow Hands//
Guess I’m Losing my Touch// (touch)
…..So I’m refusing your hugs// (hugs)
Cuz already I’m losing too much// (much)
I’m afraid to say what I feel//
Afraid that you’ll leave, so I say that I will//
If things don’t change up//
And that’s when we finally Click, cuz you Hang Up//
Leave a Message; now I’m talking to the VoiceMail//
At least it’s not that in Reverse//
…If looks could kill, you’d resurrect me//
So please put me back in the Hearse//

Let’s go our separate ways, no turning back again//
Cuz I don’t trust you// (trust you)
I don’t trust you, don’t trust you//
I know that love is blind, but now I see again//
So I don’t trust you// (trust you)
I don’t trust you, don’t trust you//

It hurts to be alive with you//
…I tried to suicide, I cried//
For you to just-let-me-be//
Cuz you were my Respirator//
…Now (inhale) I (inhale) can’t (inhale) Breathe (inhale)//
I Broke Down in Tears like Melted Ice//
The pain you felt, I felt it twice//
I felt mine, and I felt yours//
Cuz what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is….never mind//
I was reminiscing//
About our Lips Wrestling with words instead of Kissing//
….The words we never said got our Tongues Twisted//
….So when we spoke we sounded dumb, listen//
(silence) as we struggle with the awkward silence//
Trying to Figure this Out, but this is not a Science//


……..We had Chemistry, we had History//
We had Class//
….And time was the only thing that Passed//
….I heard that everything doesn't last//
But it’s funny how everything felt so right//
That it felt like you never left//
It felt like you never stepped outta the door, and I never stressed//
If this felt so wrong, I would've never guessed//
That, simple things get complicated//
And it can lead to a confrontation//
Yet in our Long Distant Calls, we felt so close in our conversations//
But then emotionally, you Back Up like Constipation//
….If this was a Test, then emotionally//
You’re messing up my Concentration//
….I considered you a Superstar, we were just a Group of Stars//
….Babygirl, we were a Constellation//
….So if you weren't ready for us//
Then at least I got my confirmation//

And I understand
Things fall apart, people change, for better or for worse
But real love endures

I know that love is blind, but now I see again//
(Real love endures, yea, real love endures, for sure)
I know that love is blind, but now I see again//
(We were friends first; we will be friends always, just not close)
I know that love is blind, but now I see again//
(You never give someone your heart, only the love within it)
I know that love is blind, but now I see again//
(And I what I meant to say was, I don’t trust you like I used to
….but I have still have trust in you)